Jun 3, 2017

Dolphins and Boats

Whitley set out to sail across the Gulf this May, her longest off the coast sailing trip.  Dolphins leapt out the water to greet her.  One even eyed her as the Dolphin swam by.

Apr 17, 2017

Meet the HYC Easter Bunny

Such joy. Whitley got to meet the HYC Easter Bunny and share some carrots.  No matter how big or small the bunny is.  She is still so excited to see him.

Mar 1, 2017

Living in a Teeny Tiny Texas Cabin

Happy to meet new dogs and go camping in Luling
Ready for some real Texas Barbecue from City Market 

Dog Bed goes here, now where are you sleeping?

Staircase to the attic- double bed for humans.  Whitley whimpered at night because we were not next to her.

5% New and 95% refinished salvage wood from old homes. At the new Ginger Swan. 
Take exit 628 on I-10 south off of the feeder road.

Feb 24, 2017

Delights of the New Year for 2017

A New Way to Ring in the New Year at the Petroleum Club with perfect chocolate sweets, my first Australian Lobster Tail, Steak, sauted green beans, stewed tomato filled with Black Eyes Peas for luck, my first peppery Turtle Soup covered in a puff pastry, and fresh greens, delicious cheeses, and great music from 2 differents bands (big band music and classic rock and roll from Larry Callies and the Bronco Band from Fort Bend County).

Whitley made an appearance on the local news.  She sniffed out the fake service dogs at Danny Jackson Dog ParkShe was in disguise as a dirty wet dog covered in peebles. Check out better info at Texas service dogs for those with disabilities.

Beautiful View of downtown on New Years Eve

Pat Green at the House of Blues in Houston, Texas during NAPE. Thanks for the music, yeti, and loved the Stag's Leap Cabernet Sauvignon, delicious
His playlist for this private concert in Houston was
  1. Carry On
  2. Don't Break
  3. All Just to Get to to You
  4. 3 Days
  5. Baby Doll
  6. Feels
  7. Girls from Texas
  8. Dancehall
  9. Gallywinter
  10. While I was away
  11. Texas Sun
  12. Wave on Wave

Cooking Sheperd's Pie

Nov 10, 2016

Red Fish Island with Sunsets and Puppy Love

Rafting up at Red Fish Island for Puppy Love, Sunsets, and Dinner
Let the heavy petting begin

Sasquatch and Whitley enjoying the smells and affection.
 She got in the dinghy with Sasquatch to use the bathroom and swim.  So proud!

Sad and Lonely

Oct 25, 2016

Mist on Sexton Pond

Cowboy Stew

Breakfast Casserole
Beware of an odd neighbor who lies and tries to scare visitors away.  Stephen Gregory Graves, 49, twice drove (in either a white truck or Isuzi truck) uninvited to our campsite after dark to harass us, say that we were camping in an illegal stop, were not allow to drive our vehicles there, and that this area was closed.  All while he was drinking a can of beer.  He made disparaging remarks about the local ranger, who he kept calling a black park ranger.  We are no where close to a state or national park.  National Forest is completely different from National Park.

Mr. Graves, a native of Baytown since 2009, lives in a small out tract southeast of Boykin Springs near the Sherwood Creek private Hunting Ranch off of CR 34, (we heard him driving down CR 35 near our campsite before arrival and after.  He warned us of satanist, timberwolves, arkansas bears, near freezing temperatures, and sex parties that he has heard or seen around these parts as he stood in flip flops and shorts.  Lord if he really works for the refineries in Texas City as he claimed, God please protect us from people like him.

From Kimpton Cooper, the District Forester of Angelina National Forest and Sabine National Forest, who is a smart, well educationed, polite, native of Jasper, Texas, I hope that he would encourage Mr. Graves to stop bothering visitors to the National Forest.