Aug 7, 2018

Active to the End

Understanding the signs and treatment of stroke in Dogs and People.

Right Hemisphere stroke affects the left side of the body will be affected
  • Paralysis on the left side of the body
  • Vision problems
  • Quick, inquisitive behavioral style
  • Memory loss

Left Hemisphere affects the right side of the body will be affected

  • Paralysis on the right side of the body
  • Speech/language problems
  • Slow, cautious behavioral style
  • Memory loss
The Basics of a Stroke from Stanford

May 4, 2018

2018 Lone Star Toyota Jamboree

Everyone just marvels at my health and age as a fifteen years and 2 months old female golden retriever who still has excellent hearing, joints, eyes, and agility.  Camping and riding the trails at the 2018 Lone Star Toyota Jamboree was so much fun even with the rain and red clay everywhere.  

A red golden retriever can sure hide the red clay soil in her hair and clumping between her toes.  As the loyal and happy pup who always stays with her parents, I was leash free most of the weekend. Hopefully one day brother Jefferson can be leash free and stop barking at everything.  There were hundreds of people that loved dogs so I got lots of massages and petting.  We rode the rough level 2 trail Solihull through the woods.  When it rains on a level 2 trail with red clay, bump it up to a level 3.
Toyota Trucks and SUVs, plus owners from all over line up for a photo shoot on a beautiful day at the Barnwell Mountain Recreation just northeast of Gilmer, Texas on the final Sunday after arriving Friday afternoon, May 4-6.

Mar 25, 2018

Joy and Pain of Fostering a dog

Welcoming Chipper from Nacogdoches Foster Rescue in to our home. He felt right at home with toys, resting, comfy beds, and playtime with Jefferson.  Whitley just avoided him, but he really liked her.  Too much energy for Whitley, happily Jefferson did his best to tire him out.

Sharing my toys with a foster puppy

Mar 3, 2018

Whitley 15 years old birthday Camping Trip

Whitley gets her favorite Birthday treat of homemade Sweet Potato chips

Jul 24, 2017

Jun 3, 2017

Dolphins and Boats

Whitley set out to sail across the Gulf this May, her longest off the coast sailing trip.  Dolphins leapt out the water to greet her.  One even eyed Whitley barking at her as the Dolphin swam by.

Apr 17, 2017

Meet the HYC Easter Bunny

Such joy. Whitley got to meet the HYC Easter Bunny and share some carrots.  No matter how big or small the bunny is.  She is still so excited to see him.

Mar 1, 2017

Living in a Teeny Tiny Texas Cabin

Happy to meet new dogs and go camping in Luling
Ready for some real Texas Barbecue from City Market 

Feb 24, 2017

Delights of the New Year for 2017

A New Way to Ring in the New Year at the Petroleum Club with perfect chocolate sweets, my first Australian Lobster Tail, Steak, sauted green beans, stewed tomato filled with Black Eyes Peas for luck, my first peppery Turtle Soup covered in a puff pastry, and fresh greens, delicious cheeses, and great music from 2 differents bands (big band music and classic rock and roll from Larry Callies and the Bronco Band from Fort Bend County).

Whitley made an appearance on the local news.  She sniffed out the fake service dogs at Danny Jackson Dog ParkShe was in disguise as a dirty wet dog covered in peebles. Check out better info at Texas service dogs for those with disabilities.

Nov 10, 2016

Red Fish Island with Sunsets and Puppy Love

Rafting up at Red Fish Island for Puppy Love, Sunsets, and Dinner
Let the heavy petting begin

Sasquatch and Whitley enjoying the smells and affection.
 She got in the dinghy with Sasquatch to use the bathroom and swim.  So proud!

Sep 16, 2016

Exploring Lake Travis by boat

Staying the weekend at the Lost Parrot Cabins, Morrocan themed cabin, E, with a full kitchen (remember to bring your oils and spices) with pots, pans, plates, glasses, cooking utencils, steak knives, coffee mugs, and cutting boards.  Used the outdoor gas grill by our cabin to cook our (marinaded with smashed garlic, oil, pepper, red wine) ribeyes. Enjoyed it with sauted green beans in olive oil, garlic, and pepper, and finished with a bottle of Charles Shaw Cabernet Sauvgnon.

View from Oasis Texas Brewery of Mansfield Dam and full Lake Travis. Enjoyed their stout and session in the A/C cooled bar, watching football and eating their beer braised pork frito pie with picante.

Pulled into a slip at the Rusty Rudder Restaurant for guacamole and chips, cranberry lemonade, beer, and lunch. 

Beer, beer, and more beer at another brewery, pumpkin beer.  Stop at Infamous Brewery near the Lake with Whitley.  On to Rainey Street with Whitley to explore dog friendly bars, Craft Pride Bar that serves only Texas beer, more pumpkin beer and eat delicious detroit style pizza from the food truck out back (similar to Chicago deep dish but no bread crust around the sides and square).  Loved the live music out back, band called Clydes.

Apr 15, 2016

Whitley found Sasquatch in East Texas

As my momma was on a boat enjoying the waters of the Gulf, I returned to the woods but this time found a friend.  Sasquatch, another golden retriever and sailor, came with me to explore the old sawmill site, swim in the pond, cook food by the fire, and sleep outdoors.

After the best weekend, Pappa asked if I was enjoying myself and I barked once.  Sasquatch's dad was impressed.

Feb 16, 2016

Camping by Aldridge sawmill and Boykin Springs

Boykin Springs Recreation Area in the Angelina National Forest, Jasper County, Texas developed campsite with bathroom, one shower per sex and hot water.  Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris) forestland which is about 10.5 miles east of Zavalla on Hwy 63.

Dec 28, 2015

Christmas Day with the Extended Family

Our Family celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus on Christmas Day, 2015 in Texas at beautiful warm day of 82 degrees F outside and cool air conditioner on inside.

Enjoyed delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, grits casserole, green beans, yeast rolls, cranberries, scalloped oysters, brown gravy, pecan pie, and pumpkin pie.  Accompanied by delicious Becker Vineyard Tempranillo wine.

Dec 27, 2015

Hideaway for Christmas

We stayed the night at an AirBnB in Brookhaven, MS with horses, fountain, lovely cabin, campfire, frost, and walking.  Sleeping double in a single bed and stayed warm sharing body heat.

Cooking pizza in a gas stove for dinner, S'more by the firepit, and enjoying scrambled fresh eggs, thick bacon and toast for breakfast on a cold, frost-covered morning.

Dec 8, 2015

Dickens on the Bayou

Mosquito Fleet Powering up at Moody Gardens
Boats at rest at Moody Gardens 

Nov 8, 2015

Terlingua, Spicy Chili and Dry Cold Winds

When the option of driving to west Texas came up for the famous Terlingua Chili Cook-off with other Houstonians, the answer was yes!  We pulled together our camping gear, watched the weather reports, and booked a hotel room before we left.  It is a ten-hour drive if we are lucky.  First stopping in Kerrville for the night, we stayed in dog friendly hotel, La Quinta, for an early rise in the morning before headed to Terlingua.  Lots of dogs and hunters stayed at the hotel that night. The parking lot was full of trailers with four-wheelers since deer season began that weekend.  We made it to Alpine for the last grocery store for bread and cheese, and saw lots of blue haired, tattooed people going into this local store.  Finally 2 more hours until Terlingua on TX 118, enjoyed a beautiful drive through old rock formations, mountains, desert, but saw no live wildlife.  This is a geologist dream location, once with seven volcanoes in the area.

Oct 17, 2015

Mosquito Fleet Everywhere

Introducing the 2016 Mosquitodore and Mosquito-adorable, and canine crew for the Mosquito Fleet of the Houston Yacht Club

Oct 16, 2015

Last Thing that Bud Saw

October 16, 2015 at 6:00 pm, sailor, hiking, ballchaser, protector, lover Bud died.
For an hour or two we lay down next to Bud, feed him sweet potato chips, gave him water, held him, and kissed him.  The only thing that he would eat was crispy stuff like tortilla chips, carrots, and pieces of pumpkin snap cookies, no more egg, salmon, or tubed beef.  Lot of sick people in pain like to crunch ice so maybe that helps Bud forget about his pain too.

Oct 10, 2015

Burlesque Anniversary

We celebrated eleven years of marriage at a Burlesque show, and got to perform on stage. The Prohibition Supper Club in downtown Houston offers three nights a week (twice per night), a real burlesque show by the Moonlight Dolls.  

Six lovely ladies show up in beautiful beaded gowns and lingerie with delightful talents of skilled singing, playing with flames, lively dancing, and acrobatics.  Transformed the room back to the roaring 20's.

Jan 29, 2015

Rear Ended Accident Awareness

November 14, 2014 in Timbergrove:  This is what a little sedan can do to a stopped SUV.  Well it happened.  The matriarch who is so safety conscious was hit at a stop light.  Thank goodness that we were not in the vehicle.  There may not be a Mr. Bud anymore because of the wreck and illness.  

The guy was a real weirdo, scary.  Momma is still shakin by the whole episode.  The guy could not figure out how to leave the apt complex and now slammed into her.  Refused to call the police because apparently did not have an insurance card, because he fled.  He returned 10 minutes later with the card and his hood tied down.

Dec 10, 2014

So Thankful

Together with my family on Thanksgiving I am so thankful for still having Bud in my life.  His cancer, liposarcoma, is growing but he is still up, mobile, and happy.  I wash him with my tongue on a daily basis.  Bud just closes his eyes and enjoys it.  Every day is a blessing with Bud.  With some help from Papa Bud can get on the boat.  He eats a bit slower than before he got sick.  So I have to now wait for him to finish breakfast before I get to lick his bowl.

The only time Bud whimpers is when he has to go the bathroom.  He stares at his food and water bowl when they are empty and looks at our family.  He sleeps a lot more which means I sleep more since I have no one to play with.  I grab his paw and bring him my toys which he stands and tries to play for a few minutes.  Then he goes and lays down on his many soft cushy beds around the house or boat.

His cancer has doubled in size.  Not sure what to do.  Very sad. Hopefully we will still have Bud at Christmas.  Planning another sailing trip to Moody Gardens soon, and hopefully Bud will be fit to go. Praying for more time with Bud.

Nov 2, 2014

Halloween Costumes for our Dogs

Whitley Lioness in October 2017, so happy

October 31, 2014, Astronaut Whitley and Elvis Hound Dog King, Bud

Aug 19, 2014

Dog Health Care on a Boat

I am eleven years old Golden Retriever and have had allergies for as long as I can remember.  My food and grass allergies give me canine atopic dermatitis.
Canine atopy is likely to be a polygenetic condition (Shaw et al 2004) but no genes have yet been identified. The heritability of atopic dermatitis was around 0.47 in a group of guide dogs the majority of which were Labrador retrievers but which included some Golden retrievers and Labrador-Golden crosses (Shaw et al 2004).  That is, about 50% of the likelihood of the occurrence of this disease can be attributed to genes.
Beside the broken wrist from jumping out of SUV because I got Bud's leash wrapped around my paw, I have been in great health.

We returned from an afternoon sail from Moody Gardens in Galveston back to our home port by Clear Lake.  I was thirsty since I do not like to drink much water away from shore since  I will not pee on the boat!

Well I ran up to pier to the bathroom and drink some water.  I returned to the boat and drank some more water from the hose.  After some encouragement I ate a little dinner and then something horrible happened.  My stomach began to swell to the size of a small pumpkin.  I went to my matriarch to tell her that I needed to throw up.  She quickly got me to the head to throw up.  She then notice my enlarged stomach and rib cage.  Papa came on board and he carried me upstairs.  They rushed me and Bud to the emergency Vet on I-45.  Bud did not want to go in.

They x-rayed my insides and made sure that my stomach had not twisted.  Thank goodness it had not twisted and was just gas.  They put a big, long tube down my mouth into my stomach to release the gas.  You could hear the gas being released.  The pressure went down, and I felt so much better.  I had bloat without torsion (twisting) also now as gastric dilatation.   No one understands why this happened.  Probably from drinking too much water and getting air in my stomach at the water hose.

Before leaving, make a bloat kit for your dog.

Know First Aid and CPR for Dogs.

Aug 7, 2014

Drunkin Sailor Dog Disorder

After the Idiopathic Vestibular (Old Dog/ Drunkin Sailor) Disease
Dogs with idiopathic vestibular disease have some combination of the following signs:

Jul 28, 2014

Other Cancer Treatment: Taxol

Success Stories of Taxol

Paclitaxel, the most well-known natural-source cancer drug in the United States, is derived from the bark of the Pacific yew tree (Taxus brevifolia) and is used in the treatment of breast, lung, and ovarian cancer, as well as Kaposi's sarcoma. 

Jun 30, 2014

Cannot Keep a Good Dog Down

After discovering that my partner in crime and travels, Bud, was sick with myxoid liposarcoma, cancer of the fatty cells (soft tissue) in his chest and under his arms.  He will be going to the canine oncologist possibly to have it removed, so that I can have more time with Bud.  This cancer (I have heard) can spread to other organs, and he does not want any big masses on his chest.

Here is a collection of my travels across the USA with Bud.  Stay strong.

 We are looking into foods, spices, and herbs to help slow down the growth, turmeric (curcumin), bakers yeast, (beta glucans), apigenin (celery, apples, parsley, teas,artichokes).  I know that we can not stop it, but at least give me more time with my best Bud.


Great information before you see the doctor or oncologist from the Cancer: What Should You Ask Vet from Dallas Gold.  

Thank you!

Jun 9, 2014

Voyage to the NC Outer Banks and Back

Planning our Trip to the Outer Banks (avoid Atlanta traffic)
Wild Mustangs on OBX